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    Monday, October 25th, 2010
    10:20 pm
    2010 and nothing has changed.....
    I still work too much!!
    Monday, October 3rd, 2005
    9:27 pm
    am I such a crazy fucking workaholic!?!?!!?!?!
    Thursday, May 12th, 2005
    12:38 am
    Pretty interesting job description


    struct Programmer : public Applicant
    Programmer::Programmer (void) { wipe_data();};
    virtual Programmer::~Programmer (void) { dealloc_memory();};

    bool Programmer::has_cpp_experience (const int min_years = SEVERAL) const;
    bool Programmer::can_rapid_prototype (const int fast_code_type) const;
    bool Programmer::has_problem_solving_tek (const int logic_level = L33T) const;
    bool Programmer::has_optimization_experience (const int final_speed = REALLY_FAST) const;
    bool Programmer::has_bostaff_skills (void) const;

    Result Programmer::jam_out_ai (const int ai_type = AI_TYPE_STRATEGIC | AI_TYPE_TACTICAL);
    Result Programmer::work_with (const Designer& designer);
    Result Programmer::work_with (const Artist& artist);

    inline bool Programmer::should_be_hired (void);
    inline String Programmer::say_benefits (void);

    void Programmer::wipe_data (void);
    void Programmer::dealloc_memory(void);

    inline bool Programmer::should_be_hired (void)
    bool retval = false;

    Email resume_and_coverletter; = "";
    resume_and_coverletter.attach (my_code_sample);

    if (resume_and_coverletter.send()) {
    int rating = 0;
    if (has_cpp_experience()) {
    if (can_rapid_prototype( FUN_GAME_PLAY_EMPHASIS)) {
    if (has_problem_solving_tek()) {
    if (has_optimization_experience()) {
    if (has_bostaff_skills()) {
    if (!can_relocate (BALTIMORE_MARYLAND)) {
    rating = 0;

    if (rating >= GOOD_CANDIDATE_RATING) {
    retval = true;
    return retval;

    inline String Programmer::say_benefits (void)
    String retval = EMPTY_STRING;

    retval += "A royalty based bonus plan far in excess of industry standards.\r\n";
    retval += "Stock options to all full-time employees.\r\n";
    retval += "401(k) plan.\r\n";
    retval += "Generous paid vacation, sick leave, maternity/paternity/family leave,";
    retval += " personal days and holidays.\r\n";
    retval += "Fully funded medical, dental and visual health insurance";
    retval += " (including dependent and domestic partner coverage), \r\n";
    retval += "short and long term disability insurance, and life insurance.\r\n";

    return retval;

    void hire_programmers (void)
    while (DESIGNERS.stalled() || ARTISTS.stalled()) {
    Programmer test_programmer = BHG.find_new_programmer();

    if (test_programmer.should_be_hired()) {
    BHG.hire (test_programmer);


    Sunday, March 13th, 2005
    3:22 am
    Did a little Xbox Live programming
    Made a modification and added a very simple function in the Xbox Live sample code to fix a bug that was reported in the current project I'm on as QA. I'm pretty sure the exact same code will fix the issue in the actual product. I sorta hope they put it in the product as a fix. Then I could say, I had code in a shipped product, heh..... If only I had 10k to spend on an Xbox development kit.... or maybe I should aim for an Xbox 2 development kit?
    Sunday, March 6th, 2005
    8:25 am
    Wrote a simple World of Warcraft addon, and I probably made every newbie coding mistake in the book! I'll blame it on notepad, rather than the fact I haven't coded in a really long time. It reminds me of how frustrating programming is, but how much more rewarding it is than testing, especially when you get it working at 8 in the morning... It's called ChatHistory at the moment, I'll post it up later.
    Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
    3:45 am
    Tuesday, December 21st, 2004
    6:20 pm
    Just my luck....
    I've been the earliest I've ever been in the past two weeks (9:01), and thats when they decided to tell me that it'll be nice if I was in at 8:45.
    Monday, December 20th, 2004
    6:29 pm
    $2500 to fix my door!
    Saturday, December 18th, 2004
    1:47 pm
    Monday, December 13th, 2004
    7:59 pm
    David's right, craigslist is addicting, just like those darn deals forums!
    7:02 pm
    I've made up my mind
    I am not, and will never will be a professional Web Designer. Now what else will I not be? :)
    Sunday, November 14th, 2004
    10:14 am
    Not all 4wd systems are created equal
    Swedish consumer reports video - Actually it almost looks like maybe the Volvo was broken or something.....
    Monday, November 8th, 2004
    10:03 pm
    eBay Fraudsters Pay Up
    By Alyce Lomax (TMF Lomax)

    Today, a New York court ordered eight eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY) sellers to pay nearly $90,000 in restitution and fines for the crime of phony bidding. In the three cases, the court found the individuals guilty of making phony bids on cars and paintings they were selling to increase the prices.

    According to the Associated Press, the state hasn't conducted a widespread investigation to determine just how prevalent such shenanigans might be. Of course, should such a study be conducted and come up with a negative result, one can imagine that it could deflate the burgeoning market until the industry finds ways to provide safeguards against such conduct, which would be no easy task.

    The fact that some sellers might be dirty dealers isn't eBay's fault, and one might hope that many users recognize that any auction includes the "buyer beware" caveat. However, despite this fact, the company does rely on the perception that its service is, for the most part, safe to use.

    Meanwhile, maybe it's not the greatest time for a smattering of negative eBay publicity. It wasn't that long ago that some eBay users experienced some glitches with its PayPal service; eBay later took some pains to at least appear to apologize.

    Indeed, eBay addresses the reality of such risks in its "Risk Factors" section of its Form 10-K and sums it up thus: "Negative publicity generated as a result of fraudulent or deceptive conduct by users of our eBay and PayPal services is increasing, and such publicity could damage our reputation, reduce our ability to attract new users and diminish the value of our brand name."
    Monday, November 1st, 2004
    12:17 am
    Greencine - Netflix for the rest of us
    Sunday, October 24th, 2004
    3:33 pm
    Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
    5:53 pm
    Try A9. At first glance, it seems to take regular google search and add "Amazon" search algorithms in, as well as throw an image search for the sidebar. Plus you get 1.57% off at Amazon for searching through A9(owned by Amazon). Gonna try it out as my default seach page for a week and see how it goes.
    Sunday, October 17th, 2004
    1:45 pm
    UCLA mail still alive!
    Now to sift thought 729 pieces of spam from two years and see if anything was useful.....
    Friday, October 15th, 2004
    1:11 am
    My first clue was when adobe acrobat crashed....
    Milestone: I hit 1.4 gigs of PF usage, I guess I do need another 512 memory.
    Saturday, October 9th, 2004
    6:17 pm
    I've decided...
    I'm pretty much gonna keep my car until it breaks down, even if I do get another car....... but this might be fun when I'm old, rich and have a lot of spare time.

    The Gold Digger Rally 2001 Results

    Thursday, August 26th, 2004
    12:39 am
    My Internet solution in Chicago
    [00:31] Jason: how are u using the internet?
    [00:31] Jason: dial up>
    [00:37] Henry Yei: its gonna beither netzero dialup
    [00:37] Henry Yei: if the inn doesnt charge for local calls
    [00:37] Henry Yei: or im gonna try to setup a wireless network
    [00:37] Henry Yei: with one of the other guys
    [00:37] Henry Yei: hes bringing a shuttle computer
    [00:38] Henry Yei: and hooks up to the internet through his sprint cell phone
    [00:38] Henry Yei: hoping our rooms are close enough, i can leech through wireless
    [00:38] Henry Yei: bringing some equipment
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